Since 1973, The Rawhide Company, REALTORS® has been an independent family-owned and operated real estate company that delivers results to the public with honesty and integrity. We aspire to operate according to the “Golden Rule.”

Real estate is a serious profession, a calling requiring specialized knowledge and skill. We expect our real estate brokers to be and act like professionals. The foundation of a professional is personal integrity. If a person is not honest and ethical, we don’t care how good a salesperson he or she is; that person does not belong at Rawhide. We will not knowingly hire someone whose behavior would lead the public to question their character, and ours by association.

We generally prefer full-time brokers because part-timers are often not available for training or able to adjust their schedules to effectively meet the time demands of buyers and sellers (who often want immediate service). However, we do not exclude someone who can effectively overcome these issues.

Our desire is to attract high quality brokers whose goal is to deliver topnotch service with a smile. Rawhide does not (and never has) solicit the agents of other companies. We don’t appreciate it when others solicit ours, so we do not do so to them. We believe that if we offer what good brokers want and need, they will want to associate with our firm. If they are happy and fulfilled where they are, great.



Rawhide has two markets to serve. Our brokers’ market is the public, and the company’s market is its brokers. We are professional, yet friendly; structured, yet flexible; serious, yet relaxed (some would say laid-back). Our agents help each other, so it is truly a team.

We believe in training and education. To that end, we provide initial and ongoing training, often in connection with a company meeting. Rawhide does not typically charge its associates for training.

Our brokers are typically experienced, self-directed individuals who know what they are doing and want to work as they see fit.  They do not require motivational meetings or company-directed goal setting and sales performance standards, but are self-motivated to do what is needed to succeed.  They value and want a company that provides them with real-time support when they need it, and Rawhide provides that help via phone, text, email or meeting with the broker.

Technology has changed the way brokers work, thus Rawhide is now designed to support the mobile and home-based agents at our firm.  We  proivide a workspace in our office that they can drop in and use, giving them access to internet, computers, printers and copiers there. We utilize technology to keep our agents informed, and to help them market their properties.



Rawhide’s office is located at 7075 Campus Drive (in the Northeast quadrant of Woodmen Road & I-25).  It is a beautiful stone and stucco Class A accommodation that any broker would be proud to have his clients come to.  The building includes conference rooms and video presentation equipment which are available to our brokers for client meetings, seminars they wish to put on, etc.  Rawhide provides administrative support and property management from this location. 



Rawhide offers three compensation plans:

Plan A is a straight 60/40 split (broker/company) with a $50.00 monthly fee.

Plan B is 65/35 until the agent has generated $30,000 in gross commissions, then it jumps to 85/15 and stays there as long as the previous 12 months gross commissions are at least $30,000 (no starting over at zero each year, as some companies require). The office fee for Plan B is $150.00 per month.

Plan C is 100% commission to the agent. The office fee is $650.00 per month.

Agents pay for their copies, long-distance (if using office phones–most use cell phones), errors and omissions insurance premiums, license fees, REALTOR® Association and MLS membership, and their personal phone, computer and software.

Agents select their plan twice a year (Jan.-June and July-Dec.), allowing them flexibility in their business planning.




  • A track record and a good reputation in the community. Rawhide has some of the most knowledgeable brokers in town.
  • Written independent contractor contract and company policy dealing with every aspect of the business, including what happens when a broker leaves (avoids misunderstandings).
  • Flexible commission plans.
  • Necessary business machines in the office with 24/7 access.
  • Free high-speed internet connection in the office.
  • Free internet website to market their properties (
  • “Brokerage Tech Support” for agents; when agents need help, they generally get it.
  • Membership in the REALTOR® organization (the company requires its brokers to join the Pikes Peak Association at their expense), which is an essential benefit.
  • Honesty and ethical behavior (Doug Barber is very involved in enforcement of the Code of Ethics, and teaches professional standards for the REALTOR® organization.
  • When Rawhide develops a new community, Rawhide agents get priority sales opportunities, and may get special sales commission rates therein.
  • Payroll services for those with assistants, for only $5.00 per month per assistant.
  • Office work space is provided free for drop-in brokers.
  • Yard sign and lockbox use are free (deposit required to check them out, refunded on return).
  • We subscribe to ShowingTime service for setting property showings.



(If you have all of these attributes, we want you for sure!)

  • Honesty and personal integrity.
  • Persistence: Must continue to seek solutions to problems.
  • A personal commitment to the real estate business.
  • High degree of personal responsibility: Must take charge of own business development.
  • Goal oriented: Willing to learn, invest own time and money, be enthusiastic.
  • Sober: No substance abuse, serious about work.
  • Flexible: Must be a team player and adapt easily to change.
  • High self-esteem/ego drive: Believes in self, positive outlook, optimistic, but realistic.
  • Good communicator/listener: Likes people, high degree of empathy, sincere.
  • Creative: Doesn't have tunnel vision or need to be led by the hand.
  • Good product knowledge: Commitment to initial and ongoing training/education a must.
  • Family support and encouragement is a plus.
  • Works hard and smart: Organized with good work habits.
  • Physical and financial stability.
  • Professional demeanor: Speech, dress, personal hygiene, attitude.
  • Desire to improve themselves, willing to take risks, self-motivated.
  • Willing to attend seminars, classes, obtain designations, etc. (there is a positive correlation between education and earnings in our industry).
  • Active in civic affairs/ability to influence others: Obtain personal exposure through involvement in community service, organizations, church, school, etc.
  • Successful in other areas of life: People tend to follow past patterns.
  • Must have a computer, smart phone and internet access, and be willing to use/learn technology.>


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